Paris Jackson, 18-year-old daughter of Michael, has not yet architected a grand life plan. She does not have an album in the works or a modeling contract signed or a book deal inked or a television cameo confirmed. (Well, maybe she will after this interview.) Instead, keenly aware of the platform afforded her as the daughter of the most celebrated and successful musician of all time, Jackson is focused on developing a vehicle for her creativity and fighting for bleeding-heart causes like, most currently and pressingly, halting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota. Heritage aside, Jackson is compelling in her normality as a thoughtful teen with vast potential. Last January, she met with director Lee Daniels in Los Angeles, the day after her first Golden Globes, to talk about music and Michael.

Photograph Mario Sorrenti

Fashion Carine Roitfeld

Interview Lee Daniels

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